Women in Refrigerators Women in Refrigerators

DAN JURGENS responds

Not content to kill second-rate wannabes, Dan is one of the guys who measured Superman for a coffin. His credits list is really long, but noteworthy achievements include a delightful run on "Thor," many Prestige format Superman projects, and a recent "Teen Titans" revamp. Dan's enjoyed huge popularity as both a writer and artist, and also complains about the cold when it's snowing. (GS)

Well, I think part of the problem for female characters is that, since our readership is dominated by males, they aren't perceived as having the same economic viability as many male characters.

But, before too much focus is torqued on the women, take a look at all the male characters that have been killed/twisted/morphed, etc. Mostly, it's all just bad judgment by creatively challenged editors and writers who can't think of anything else to do.