Women in Refrigerators Women in Refrigerators

DON SIMPSON responds

Don Simpson has an evil twin named Anton Drek. At least, that's the RUMOR I've heard. What I'm more sure of is that he created "Megaton Man," one of the great superhero parodies, and "Border Worlds," which was a fun science fiction series with a terrific female lead. Don has a web site (http://www.megatonman.com) where he publishes a weekly net serial--check it out! The first Megaton Man PAPER comics in two years are being published by Image in 1999. Go, Yarn Man! (GS)

The Negative Woman is the only character I could see of mine on the list---if it's my Negative Woman. What about Mooncat (cloned, killed, revived, mutated), or Jenny Woodlore (attempted rape), or Dracula's Daughter (the ol' stake through the heart).

I'd be interested in seeing a list that charts these alleged incidents in terms of years. I think you'd find a sharp increase in misogynist acts by largely male creators against female comics characters. This seems like material for a psychologist or sociologist, but I'm sure it's related to the comic book industry's spiral into oblivion and alienation from mainstream American culture, which has only taken a sharp turn since 1996, but which has been a downward spiral since the 1940's...