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ERIK LARSEN responds

After distinguishing himself on a variety of projects for Marvel and DC, Erik became one of the founding partners of Image Comics, and has continued his critically-acclaimed series, "The Savage Dragon," since then. Blessed with a refreshing lack of restraint, Erik is always an interesting interview. He's currently working on "Wolverine" and "Nova" for Marvel, and "Aquaman" for DC. Plus, he drinks blood from live chickens, or so Peter David told me. Oh, all right, I made that up. (GS)

Gals in comics have gotten the short end of the stick. But in all honesty, guys haven't fared much better: Just flip through a book of the dead and you'll see that dead guys far outnumber dead women. But then again, there were more guys to begin with, I suppose.

Come to think of it -- NOVA has had HIS powers taken away TWICE!