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JOE QUESADA responds

It's no secret that many of the best Marvel comics in years are actually being put together by the studio Joe Quesada helped form, EVENT, home of "Ash" and "Painkiller Jane." He's also had memorable and much-missed runs on "The Ray" and "X-Men," among others. We thank him for his response here, for fixing "Daredevil" and "The Inhumans," and congratulate him on his recent marriage. The Event web site is Event Comics Online. (GS)

I think it's sad and terrible. I think that too many creators got on the "Bad Girl" bandwagon and did nothing but pander and exploit their own creations. To be honest, many creators that I've talked to solely created those characters to be exploited and exploitative. Now mind you I don't see this as a gender thing as much as I see it as a genre thing. Everybody is out for the quick buck and too many are too lazy to try to come up with something original. I know it's scary but if tomorrow's hot comics are about one-legged Mongolian dwarfs, than you can be sure that more than one respected creator will be jumping all over the concept but will claim to be giving it "their spin."

So that's the bad news...

The worst news is that it's a million times worse in other parts of the entertainment field, mainly because there is more money involved and fewer morals.