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JIM SHOOTER responds

Jim Shooter was Editor-In-Chief during one of Marvel's most successful periods. According to some sources, he's got some sort of connection with the Underworld and may well be a blood relation to Satan, although none of this can be confirmed. What's a bit easier to verify is that he wrote some of the most-beloved "Legion of Super-Heroes" stories of all time, revivified Marvel, spearheaded Acclaim, Defiant and Broadway comics, and is really really tall. I also happen to  agree with his candid sentiments here, so there. (GS)

First, I'd like to say that I'm delighted that I'm not responsible for any of the atrocities on your list. I've had violence done to women (and men) in my stories, of course, but not of the pernicious sort (says me) to which I gather you're objecting. I'd chalk most of what's on your list up to lame writing. In desperate search of drama, and unable to obtain it any other way, some writers will resort to obvious emotional triggers/easy pickin's. You can always get a bang by killing Aunt May, or for that matter, Superman. The biggest crime is that many of these stories are unfolded badly, baldly and pathetically, by writers who don't have a clue. People looking for Freudian motives, i.e., hatred of Mother, etc., are wasting their time. Most of these writers sweated cannonballs trying to think of something SO SHOCKING that it would evoke a response from readers, and violence to women was the most horrifying thing they could come up with. Usually, the response to these badly told tales is boredom. Sometimes, they succeed in mobilizing folks like you, who wonder if these writers are sick. Nah. They just suck.


Jim Shooter