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Dwayne McDuffie is a talented writer and one of the people most responsible for the much-missed MILESTONE line of comics, which, along with telling some ripping yarns, also featured a tremendously racially-varied cast of characters. Soon, we will see the return of one of Milestoneís most popular characters, STATIC, as a cartoon and comic book.

Dwayne also once had a guy in a comics chat accuse him of being like Hitler. Thatís darn rude. (GS)

Interesting site. Of course you're correct. It bothers me that I'm responsible for something on your list (the depowering of Captain Marvel). I have an excuse, it was to prevent her from looking like such an idiot (she was damn near omnipotent, and she always lost fights. I felt I had to depower her to continue to portray her as competent. Of course we see how *that* turned out). But the truth is, my work on her still fits the pattern. Maybe your page will embarrass enough folks in the industry that we'll start considering everything we're saying when we do stuff like this. Or better yet, maybe more women will be inspired to take the reins and write some female characters who aren't plot devices to complicate the hero's life.

Keep up the good, if somewhat gruesome, work.