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PETER DAVID responds

Currently, most of Peter David's books are being written by Erik Larsen for some reason. Peter writes novels, screenplays, and comics with equal success. His run on the Hulk was so long and distinguished that it's hard to imagine the character without him. Currently, he's writing "Young Justice," as well as assorted "Star Trek" and "Babylon Five" episodes. A surprisingly candid voice on the net, Peter is always fun and interesting to talk to. (GS)

But certainly there's any number of dead or disrupted male characters as well. Sure, Supergirl lost her invisibility and shapeshifting powers ... but on the other hand, she gained the flame powers as created through her wings, and a *new* female character (Linda Danvers) was created. Yes, Mera's child was killed and she went nuts ... but on the other hand, it was Aquaman's child as well, and he was maimed to boot. And the Hulk's powers have been screwed around with any number of times.