Women in Refrigerators Women in Refrigerators

TOM PEYER responds

Before Tom became an editor for DC Comics, he and his writing partner authored a satirical book on Reaganspeak, "The Contradictionary," and articles in "The New Yorker." But he traded that career for writing about the Legion of Super-Heroes, evidently. Other comics work includes the new "Hourman" series, "Quicksilver," and several much-beloved (by me, for example) short stories, including what might be the best Bizarro story ever. He has a dog named Lucy and an unhealthy fixation on Superman. (GS)

TOM: You have a point, one I've been aware of for a while. Me, I killed Lady Quark 'cause she was royalty (but not Phase; she's alive and reunited with Apparition, her other self).

gail: Does this have merit, or am I missing something...that's all.

TOM: Of course it does. The ugly side of male adolescent power fantasies. Grown-up comic book writers should know better.

gail: But so far, every writer has jumped in with a defense of why they stuck THIS one in the fridge.

TOM: And I'm so proud be in that number. Oh well... at least my defense wasn't much of a defense.