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Phil has emerged as one of comic's most gifted artists, as well as a writer of considerable talent. He's performed art chores on "The Invisibles," "Titans/JLA" (which he co-plotted with Devin Grayson) and art and writing both on the "Tempest" mini-series. John Norris, who actually forwarded my letter to Phil, would like it  known that it's Phil, not Tony Isabella, who is the nicest guy in comics. Personally, I hate to see this kind of rivalry, so I'm butting out. I have enough blood on my hands. (GS)

I think the list speaks for itself. Without a doubt, female characters are abused and degraded in ways male characters never would be, for various reasons, ranging from the mostly male, mostly white creators of these books venting their (often subconscious) lack of respect for women in the books themselves, to the fact that many of the females (like Supergirl or Batgirl or even Jade), are essentially satellite characters of the originals, and therefore are easier to "mess" with, without concern of ruining a particular "franchise."

It's an unfortunate trend, and one I can only hope does NOT continue.

Phil Jimenez